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Referral Commissions

Referral commissions (aka affiliate sales) are a suplemental source of income for this site. When you purchase services from products or companies that are recommended by, EnerVibe LLC may make a small commission off of that referral. These affiliations don’t cost YOU anything! There are no price increases and no gimmicks. All commissions are handled on the back-end between the service provider and EnerVibe LLC.

Here are the referral programs in which EnerVibe LLC currently participates:

  • – Physical Products only recommend products that we believe will add value to our readers and that fit our mission and values. All the products recommended on are thoroughly tested and reviewed. All opinions are those of EnerVibe LLC.

Many of the biggest sites and top brands on the internet offer referral or affiliate programs. Anyone can become an affiliate for eBay, Amazon, Google, Etsy, etc. Chances are, many of your favorite sites use affiliate marketing as an additional source of income. You might just not be aware of it unless you dig through their disclaimer material.

Sponsored Reviews

EnerVibe LLC does not accept payments for positive reviews. All reviews are shared with unbiased feedback. If you would like your product to be reviewed and shared via, please use the Contact Form. If a product is found to be a proper fit for the audience and is in line with the mission and values of EnerVibe LLC, it may be featured or included as an additional resource. Sponsored reviews are clearly marked within the website.

How Do Referral Links Work?

When you click on a referral link and make a purchase, a special cookie tracks the click and the company that owns the material may provide EnerVibe LLC with a small commission for the referral.

The referral commissions are different for each product. Some referral programs are very generous and offer 50% commission, while others may only offer 5% or $1 on a $25 product. It really all depends on the product.

Most Common Questions Readers Have

Will it cost me more if I click on a product you recommend?

No. Never. In fact, in some cases, you might actually save money by purchasing a product, tool, or service through a link on As an affiliate, EnerVibe LLC sometimes has access to promotions and deals that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Do you see my personal data or purchase information?

No. All of your personal data is kept private by the company through which you make the final purchase. The only data shared with is the product purchased and the date on which it was purchased. The buyer information remains anonymous.

How Can You Help Support

Here are a few ways you can help:

  • If you learned about a product or service through, and you’re interested in buying it, then do so using a referral link from this site.
  • Leave your own review of EnerVibe LLC products you’ve purchased.
  • Provide comments on blog posts. The more activity from users the higher the website may appear in search engines.
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