EnerVibeLife.com is LIVE!

YES!! Today is the day! EnerVibeLife.com is now LIVE and open to the public!

Today is “soft launch” day – the day we begin to test the waters and see how things feel. EnerVibe is still undergoing development before it will be fully up and running, but this launch marks a huge milestone for us! We’re proud of how far we’ve come in just a few short months. We are delighted to have you with us!

It All Started….Not That Long Ago

The idea to create EnerVibe or anything even remotely like it didn’t exist until about 3 months ago. Yes. It’s true. We spun up a company in just 3 months. Hard to believe? Possibly. But when things start lining up and the lights all turn green, you don’t look back and you don’t stop for directions. You just buckle up and GO! That’s what happened to my husband Ben and I.

At the tail end of February this year (2019) I was in Nashville, TN for a Funnel Hacking Live conference. The energy of the space and the entire group was incredible. I spent 4 days with 4500 other excited, motivated, driven, confident, forward-thinking entrepreneurs – all with one primary goal in mind. We all were there to learn new techniques for getting our products and services out to the masses so that we could change the world. That’s one big room full of dreamers and believers! And it was awesome!

By the time the conference ended, I was on cloud-nine, quite literally. I felt as though I was floating because the energetic vibration of the group was so pumped and so high, that the vibrations of everything were visible to me. The vibrations I could feel and see were also somewhat nauseating and disorienting, but I knew what it all was and just wanted to absorb as much of it as I could.

By absorbing that much energy at such a high vibration for so many days in a row, something amazing happened to me. It was as if a veil had dropped and everything became crystal clear to me. I understood my purpose. I knew what I needed to do. I could see the steps. I could see how everything that I had been doing was leading me to this point. And yet, I could also see everything I had been doing to hold myself back from realizing my full potential.

You must leap before you can fly

I Wasn’t Willing to Hold Back Anymore

The cool thing about being in a group of people when the overall energy is high is that your own energetic frequency automatically tries to match that of the whole. When we learn as a group, we learn much faster. It’s a pretty cool phenomenon that has been scientifically studied and documented. We are all connected!

That conference served as a tipping point. When I returned, I shared what was in my heart with my husband (and anyone else who would listen). I shared my passion for the path I saw clearly before me – before us, actually. I saw my husband as a big part of the future as well. We would be doing this together. I no longer had any interest in “wasting time” doing things that I had subconsciously created as ways to hold myself back. With this new level of clarity, I could see the truth about my own sabotaging behaviors. I could see how I had gotten in my own way.

I wasn’t going to do that anymore. My focus was solely on moving us toward this purpose and this path that I could clearly see. If you’ve ever played Assassins Creed, you know about the swan dive off of the highest point of structures. That was how I felt, except, my leap wasn’t intended to take me back down. I took a leap so that I could fly!

Ben has always been extremely supportive of me, but I was not suggesting small steps at all. I was talking about stopping everything else and diving head-first toward this new adventure. To my surprise, he didn’t even flinch. He didn’t try to apply the breaks. Instead, he jumped in too! 

We both have been on a transformational journey for several years now and we’ve experienced some pretty amazing changes. There are times that I think he’s more obsessed with soaking up as much knowledge as possible and making changes to his daily routine than I am. And I thought I was obsessed. Ha!

Creating this company to share our passion and to help fill a gap in the sharing of this life-changing knowledge with others felt so right to both of us – and it still does, so we started moving forward and haven’t looked back.

Neither one of us could just participate in the life-changing transformations we were experiencing any longer without sharing it with as many people as possible. What we’ve learned and experienced – and what we continue to learn – is MEANT to be shared!

That is how EnerVibe was born.

EnerVibe is the foundation from which we will share our experiences and help guide others to their own paths of transformational growth. We are so excited and passionate about what we’re doing and we can’t wait to see how far we can go!

What’s Behind the Name?

You might have guessed it. The name we chose had a lot to do with the energetic vibrations I felt at the conference that had provided me with so much clarity.

Finding a business name these days is no easy task. Pretty much every word you can think of is taken. We had to get a bit more creative, so we started combining words that seemed to convey what we wanted to share with people. EnerVibe had good energy to it. It was memorable, easy to spell, and easy to say, too. But there was a small snag in our plans.

The .com version of our name was available, but for the low, low price of roughly $5K. At the time, we weren’t ready to invest in it. Coincidentally, neither of us felt compelled to do so either. If the root .com version of our domain is meant to be ours, we will have it when we’re meant to have it.

So we carried on and found the next best thing: EnerVibeLife.com.

We didn’t buy it right away. We let it sit overnight just to be sure. But by the next day, we had settled on it. EnerVibeLife.com it was.

To be honest, the domain is growing on me. We may just keep it as the primary even if we do by the base .com version. We’ll wait and see where the winds blow us.

What do you think about our domain? 

Our Mantra

Shift perspectives.

Simply put, our goal is to shift perspectives; to help open up the minds of millions to WHO and WHAT they [you] really are. But we don’t plan to just tell you, we’ll show you through on-demand and in-person events and workshops. We’ll share our success stories of those who have started to realize their full potential. Through EnerVibe we’ll share our own experiences and others of people who found their passion, discovered their purpose, and started to take control of their lives. People who have begun creating prosperity and abundance in every area of their life. And we’ll show you how you can do it too – how ANYONE can do it.

Our Mission

At EnerVibe, our mission is to shift your mindset and your perspective toward what is possible. We want to help you remove the energetic blocks that are holding you back and keeping you from experience life as your authentic self. Through live events and on-demand learning, you can start living life YOUR way – full of passion, abundance, and happiness.

Our Vision

To be an infinite leader in transformational growth through knowledge sharing, leadership, and innovation.

Are You Ready?

Many of us dream of a different life that is more fulfilling, more meaningful, and more impactful, but most of us never figure out how to make it happen. We all have something to share, but whether we ever stand up to share it or not, is the key. Do you feel brave enough? Do you think you’re good enough? Do you think you have what it takes to succeed? ARE YOU ENOUGH?

We are here to tell you that YOU are enough! You are capable of so many great things and it’s never too late to start moving forward. It’s never too late to embrace a higher energetic vibration and to start taking control of your life. This is YOUR life. Live it YOUR way!

EnerVibe is here to help you do it.