Ben and Jen Stickney - Founders of EnerVibe

Our Story – How EnerVibe Came to Be

For several years, my husband Ben and I had toyed with the idea of “someday” working together to share our passion for finding ways to move forward, to never settle or take “no” for an answer, to always strive toward greater fulfillment, happiness, and love in life.

But like many people who have great ideas and are passionate about them, we had no idea where to start or even how big of a leap we wanted to take.

Like many couples…
We have kids.
We work other jobs.
We have bills to pay and a house to clean.
We have food to make, groceries to buy…
By the time the workday is done, and the kids are in bed, we often have no energy left.
Sound familiar?

Our desire to work together felt like a fantasy, at best.

But then, something amazing happened and what had looked like just a “someday” dream, started to look like it might be possible.

But before we get too far into that, let’s back up for a second to give you a better sense about who exactly we are.

A Bit About Us

Ben Stickney
Racing around on the track!

Ben and I met in college. He was a Sophomore, and I was a Freshman. We met on the first day of college in 1996 and soon became friends. We were both Computer Science majors, so we had the same circle of friends and even some of the same classes.

We were both head-strong and driven in college. If someone told us something “couldn’t be done,” we were always eager to show them otherwise. We were competitive. We wanted to be the best at what we did or at least to give it our best. We always gave 110% in everything we did, and you can still see those same qualities in us today.

Neither of us fits in a box or takes things at face value. We both enjoy finding ways to do things differently, better, more efficiently, and effectively. We enjoy being life-long learners.

After college, we went our separate ways but always stayed in touch. Sixteen years later, after supporting each other through many ups and downs in life, we started hanging out regularly again. Ben even helped me to pick out my first motorcycle.

Jen Stickney
Sportbike track day!

If you want to create a lasting bond with someone, share a hobby with them. 😉

“The rest,” as they say, “is history.”

Our goals and desires in life are similar. Our passions align, and we support each other fully.

Together we have already accomplished so much more than either of us had ever imagined. And we are still going!

The best part is, we understand why and how we have been able to grow as much as we have. We also know how to continue growing together – because we will never stop learning!

EnerVibe allows us to share our journey with you.

The Tipping Point

For every significant shift in life, there is a tipping point. A point at which looking back no longer makes sense and the only way to go is forward.

In February of 2019, I attended a conference with 4500 other excited, motivated, driven, confident, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs – all with one primary goal in mind. We wanted to change the world through our products and services. 

We were one big group of dreamers and believers! The extremely high energetic vibration of the group was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

On the final day of the conference, after absorbing such a high level of energy for so many days in a row, something amazing happened to me.

It was as if a veil had dropped, and everything became crystal clear.

I fully understood our purpose. I knew what we needed to do. I could see the steps. I could see how everything I had been doing in my own businesses and all that that we had been doing together had led us to this point.

And yet, I could also see everything I/we had been doing to hold ourselves back from realizing our full potential.

As soon as I could, I called up my husband and shared the new depth of what I could see for us and our future. We both could feel the depth and the Truth of it.

That conference served as our tipping point. 

We found ourselves talking about our passions and what we really wanted to do in life as often as we could…and with anyone that would listen. We were obsessed. Our passion and excitement were palpable.

And then, during a drive home one night, it just happened.
Our thoughts and ideas started to take on a life of their own. We felt energized, and our every thought seemed perfectly aligned.

It was as if someone had just flipped a switch within us. 

Our discussion about possibilities quickly ignited into a full-fledged strategy and planning session.

We decided right then and there that our “someday” no longer existed. There was only now. Now was the time to act and we… were… PUMPED!

When things start lining up, and the lights all turn green, you don’t look back. And you don’t stop for directions.

You just buckle up and GO

And that’s exactly what we did.

Within three months we had built the structure, mission, vision, and goals for our business, created a name that we felt encapsulated all we believed in, developed a website and a social media presence and opened the doors to the EnerVibe Tribe Founding Members group.

We saw a gap in how life-changing growth and knowledge is shared and experienced, and we knew our purpose was to help fill that gap.

We believe that EVERYONE deserves to be happy and to live a life full of abundance, joy, love, and happiness.

What we’ve learned and experienced – and what we continue to learn – is MEANT to be shared! It is our purpose.

EnerVibe is the foundation from which we can share our experiences and our collective knowledge. Together we aim to help move humanity forward.

We want to ensure that a new level of transformational growth is accessible and achievable by everyone.

We are excited and passionate about what we’re doing, and we are forever grateful to have you with us on this journey.